Back to School: Be Your Best Self

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Everyone wants to look their best when returning back to school. With that said there are four main points to cover when trying to improve your beauty regimen: hair, skin, nails and scent. You want to make sure your hair is luscious, your skin is clear, your nails are manicured and you have your signature scent. One thing that is great about this beauty routine, especially for those in college, is that it is fast. At the end of the day you will feel confident and ready to tackle the first day of school and the rest of the year.

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1. The Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask works wonders. This Allure best of beauty award winner does the best job to draw out impurities by melting all dirt and oil away. This charcoal mask opens up pores and it finishes with a cooling sensation to make your face feel fresh and clean. Apply this mask at night and wake up with a clear vibrant skin.

2. Talk about a beauty steal. Palmers Coconut Oil formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack is only $1.59 and it is packed with the best ingredients to help your hair be healthy and grow. If your hair is really damaged or just needs an extra boost then this cheap effective product will deliver results. Put a generous amount in your hair in the shower for 5 minutes or more, rinse and reveal beautiful refreshed locks. Also, you can leave on over night and rinse in the morning for those with more damaged hair. Use at least twice a week and notice a huge difference in texture and growth. Who doesn’t want perfect hair for the first day of school?

3. Don’t you think signature scents are a must when going back to school? I think we all can admit that spraying ourselves with our favorite perfume can boost our confidence in an instance. Smelling good attracts good vibes and having your own signature scent can make you more memorable. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is a beautiful mature feminine scent. The fruity-floral scent is perfect for everyday wear with its light aroma. Spray a few sprays in the morning and smell this scent throughout the day making the day a little more better.

4. You would be surprised how a fresh manicure can make you feel 100 times more put together. Paint your nails with this OPI nail polish it will trend through the rest of the summer into fall. The neutral brown/pink tone is the perfect all year round color. It will go with any wardrobe item making it the perfect go to color for the school year. So file your nails and start painting!

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