Beauty School: Gel Nails

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We all love to pamper ourselves and get our nails done. And we can all admit that gel nails are hands down the best… Shiny finish, no dry time and it last for weeks. That’s all great until we end up spending a fortune on our nails. Although, there is the option to paint your nails at home with regular nail polish but no one has the patience to wait for it to dry perfectly and one finger always ends up smudged. So, here is the hack that might change your nail routine for good. Purchase an LED Gel Nail Lamp starter kit from Amazon! It works just as good as going to the salon! On average these LED lamps are $30-$60 ( on Amazon).  Well if you do the math investing in the LED lamp is already saving you that $20-$30 a month that you would spend in the nail salon. The only thing you would have to repurchase every few months for about $20 (depending on how often you do your nails) is the gel primer, base and top coat, gel nail surface cleanser and polish. There are really so many brands out there and you really just have to do your research and find the one you like best. The links provided are good brands and that have great reviews. Just keep in mind the prices will vary depending on where you purchase everything. It is a great investment if you love keeping up your nails but hate the salon price.





1. Prime your nails with gel primer.

2. Apply gel base and top coat to nails then put each hand under lamp for 30 sec.

3. Apply a thin layer of gel color to nails on one hand then put under lamp for 60 sec.

4. Repeat step 3 for each hand until desired color is achieved

5. Apply gel base and top coat to nails then put each hand under lamp for 30 sec.

6. Repeat step 5

7. Wipe nails off with gel surface nail cleanser with lint free wipes.

8. Admire nails

*** Do not skip step 7 or else lint will stick to your nails!!

** You don’t have to stick with one brand for all the products… mix and matching is OK just as long as the products are compatible with LED lamps

( it will say on the label  USE WITH LED LAMP)



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