Beauty School Hack: The Benefits of Lemon Water

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There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to beauty. Some are definitely more intimidating than others like juice cleanses, seaweed peels, etc. But there is one beauty hack that is simple, effective and cheap. All you need is a lemon and a cup of water. Yes, you guessed it lemon water. You already should be drinking several glasses of water a day and by adding a lemon you are increasing the health benefits. With that said, lemon water is especially good in the morning when you first wake up and start your day.

First off why are lemons so good for you? They are packed with nutrients like vitamin C,B, magnesium, potassium and fiber. Not only is it packed with nutrients but it also targets specific things within the body like…

1. Aids digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract. With that said it also is an aid in loosing weight because the pectin fiber the lemon contains assist with hunger cravings.

2. Cleanses your system by activating your enzyme functions and stimulating your liver.

3. Helps you achieve blemish free skin because the antioxidants helps decrease the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles.

4. Provides an Energy boost so drop your morning coffee. Feel more refreshed and energized by putting the nutrients of lemons in your digestive tract. It also helps with anxiety and depressions because just the aroma of the lemon is effective in calming your nervous system.

5. Decreases the feeling of bloat by increasing the urge to urinate. Which also keeps your urinary tract clean and healthy.


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