Fall Makeup Trends

Matte lipsĀ 

Ditch the shiny lip stick for an edgy matte color. Mattes are perfect for achieving full beautiful fall lips. Pick up berry, plum or classic red hues to pair with any makeup look. You will find that Matte lip sticks give off a more classy mature look than sporting a shiny lip.



Bare face

Lucky for you spending an hour on your makeup is no longer trendy. Less is more for fall. Spend 3 minutes on blending concealer, dabbing shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes and touch up your eye brows to achieve the perfect fresh face. This look can work for school or going out at night by just adding a bold lip or fake lashes.


Bold lashes

Eyes are a big focus for this fall. Pile on the mascara or add some fake lashes to really make a bold statement. Remember this is all about the lashes, you don’t need to add eyeliner and eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. The lashes add a frame around your eyes making the shape and color more noticeable.Your natural features will never look better.


Color Eyeliner

Summer isn’t the only time to play around with color. Falls hottest hues are plums and smokey lavenders, just draw a thin line with a subtle wing for the perfect look. With this look go for a more natural face and let the eyeliner do all the talking. The purple hues look amazing and enhance all eye colors making it the perfect go to eye product.


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