The Bold, The Brow, The Beautiful

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amyWell done eyebrows can really enhance and complete any look. Unfortunately, we are not all born with perfect brows and we can go through many measures to achieve them. It seems now that waxing and tweezing are only the first steps in achieving perfect eyebrows, especially if you’re like me and your brows aren’t naturally thick.

A great eyebrow kit for anyone, especially beginners, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes. The kit even comes with a mini eyebrow brush and brow stencils. I personally don’t use the brow stencils because none of them fit my brow perfectly and I find it easier to just use my natural arch. It also contains brow wax. Brow wax is important if your eyebrows aren’t easily tamed. Clear mascara also works just as well.Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes

The kit has two shades for brow color, one dark and one light. Its important to remember not to make your brows too dark, because it can distract from the rest of the face. Blending is important here. If you see any harsh lines, blend, blend, blend! The kit also contains two shades for highlighting. Highlighting underneath the eyebrow, the brow bone, enhances the eye and “lifts up” the whole brow.

So if you’re trying to strengthen your brow game and don’t know where to start, I’d start with this brow kit. It gives you all the necessities to achieve the perfect brow.

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