The Importance of Primer

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Primer is something commonly overlooked in a lot of people’s everyday make up routine. If you want your make up to last long and look fabulous all day, primer is what you need.

Face primer is important because it seals over pores, so when foundation is applied, your skin will look flawless without a pore in sight.

Eye primer is a necessity if you wear eyeshadow or liner. Eye primer not only makes product last much longer, it brightens the eyeshadow so it is more true-to-color. Without eye primer, shadows and liners will not last nearly as long and will fade away over the day. My favorite eye primer is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. It enhances the look and color of the eye shadows and makes it last all day.

If you wear lipstick and want to make sure it lasts long and looks creaseless, lip primer is a must. Without it, lipstick may dry out lips and make them appear cracked and dry. This is where lip primer comes in to save the day.

Never underestimate the power of primer. It really makes the difference if you’re looking for long-lasting, vibrant make up.

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