The Risks of Cheap Halloween Make-up

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Going out as a sexy vampire or dead bride this year? Watch out for the low-cost Halloween-specific makeup sold at many stores. While it might be tempting to go cheap when buying ghoulish colors you’ll never wear again, many low cost make ups are made with questionable ingredients. This can lead to break-outs, rashes, swelling and skin staining!

Play it safe and stick with the lower-tier products from a brand names you trust. For example, instead of a $1.99 package of off-brand cream make-up, why not try a white-tinted cover-up such as Sephora’s 10-HR Light Porcelain Foundation, and loose Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Natural Ivory powder from Walmart. The overall effect will be a little more subtle vs. going with a generic white cream, but you’ll also look a lot sexier!

You might spend a little extra by going with name brands this Halloween, but it’s a small cost to ensure you won’t be “haunted” by the possible side effects of a full night in 99 cent make-up!

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