Want Beautiful Hair?

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Hair can be a real struggle for some of us! Especially those with dry, brittle, damaged hair. If any of us have this problem then we can all agree that we have tried an endless amount of products from high end to low end. For the most part, girls with damaged hair need to spend a little more money in order to satisfy their hairs needs. But when walking down the hair aisle we can become very overwhelmed with all the different products and what they all “claim” to do. Don’t worry any more! We have found you a hair line that is affordable and actually delivers amazing results! The Macadamia moisturizing rinse conditioner, curl cream, deep repair mask and healing oil are the most moisturizing things for your hair plus they have tons of other products. Just after the first use your hair will feel less damaged and prone to less breakage. Basically macadamia nut oil contains a high amount of omega 7 which mimics the scalps natural oil production providing excellent moisture and nourishment. It also includes Argan oil which has omega 9, good for hair strength, repairs damage and frizz, and provides shine. With that said these products are ideal for all hair textures from the thin to course.


1. This Moisturizing Rinse is perfect for a daily moisturizer. It is super lightweight and leaves your hair feeling silky. It will repair damage and reduce static which eliminates fly-aways. Leave in for 30 to 60 sec, rinse and reveal beautiful hair.
2. For the curly headed girls out there this Reviving Curl Cream works wonders. It tames curls and makes them smooth and touchable instead of crunchy and frizzy. Apply to hair when damp to create beautiful manageable curls for the day.
3. So this Deep Repair Mask should be everyone’s holy grail item. This is ideal for very damaged hair to give it extra moisture and shine. After you use this your hair will feel like its never been touched by chemicals or heat. It repairs your strands from the inside out rebuilding your hairs elasticity and strength. Apply after shampooing and leave in for 10-20 minutes.
4. If you want to refresh your hair this Healing Oil Treatment will do the job. Its light weight formula coats the hair to make it shiny and smooth like you freshly styled it. Perfect to keep in your purse for a quick retouch.

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